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My Story

I was born in Bursa-Türkiye in 1980. Although I was interested in music at a very young age, I work in media graphic animation.
I didn't study any conservatory or music school, I've just had professional training. I like football, it is my hobbie but music is also my indispensable.
Especially the cinematic style is an obsession with me. Watching a movie is like a disease. as are most people. 
However, film music rather than watching movies affect me more. My idol is Hans Zimmer.
I want to meet with him one day. From time to time before studying, the instruments of rhythm i thought to use in music,
I could not connect with or could not find the appropriate rhythm and began to bother me even wanted to leave. 
The biggest reason I continue is to create and share free music as much as I can. I did this over time and realized that it was

the most beautiful feeling in the world. 
Of course, I want to make money from what I do and I hope I can do it soon. Of course, I have a lot of projects. 
I am trying to improve myself as much as I can, I want to reach every sector. And always make good music and want you to listen to good voices. 
Now we have a professional configuration with my sister and my manager Çisem Vardar. Our goal is to serve you much better and reach the whole world. 
Although we are not very big now, we appeal to an important audience. Hopefully always the most beautiful music We continue to listen you to the most beautiful sounds.



Yours sincerely
Ender Guney

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