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Updated: Apr 12, 2019

The flute, which is one of the oldest among the wind instruments and does not lose its fame to the present day, is among the indispensable of many orchestras.

The Flute, which exists for nearly 7 thousand years, was made from bambu in the first times and then by made from materials such as ivory, bone, porcelain and ebony.

No changes have been made to the flute for hundreds of years but after 1720 the keys were added. In 19. Century, with the invention of Theobald Boehum (1794-1881) and Max Schweds (1853-1940), it took its place in the modern days.

Flaute Piccolo, which we call the Little flute, is a high-pitched instrument in the orchestra, but it is more used in military music. However, alto flute functions as a transfer switch (transposition) instrument.

The flute, which is the most skillful instrument among the wind instruments, is said to have been played by the Greek goddess Athena according to the legends.

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