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Spotify has founded in Sweeden Stockholm at January 7 2008. While at first it was free, 2 years later they announced that the company was facing with bankruptcy with an estimated amount of 4,5 million dollars. Thus demanded payment per month from their users. After Premium memberships were in use, the app started to get more and more attention from artists and people all around the globe. Which resulting in a huge increase on premium memberships. Of course the biggest reason for Spotify to get suceed is their care and respect they showed to artists. Spotify has founded by Swedish enterpreneur named

Daniel Ek.

Daniel has founded a company only at 14 years old and has a big part on companies like U Torrent and Advertigo being sucessful today. With a fortune over 400 million dollars, Daniel Ek is at the higher ranks of the Forbes Lists. Since the founding of Spotify, even though over 1200 people has a part on this achievement, Daniel without a doubt has the biggest part. Martin Lorentzon is the second largest shareholder. They have announced that they're storing over 40 million music while having over 200 million users. 80 million of it being premium, Spotify is holding the biggest platform title along with Apple music.

"Selling a music is not hard. The difficulty is creating it" -Daniel Ek

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